Adding a Last Name to a Monogram

by MyVinylDesigner 26. October 2010 05:12

"I purchased your Alphabet #2 and I am having trouble understanding how I place a name or letters in the blank space on the bottom.  Any help would be appreciated."

When creating monograms, you need to work in layers, regardless of the cutter software that you're using.  Simply import the monogram into your cutter software, then create a text box and overlay that text on the monogram, working in layers.  When everything is positioned and ready to cut, just highlight all the elements and proceed to cutting.  The process is the same for all the alphabets, including the reverse-weeded name in Alphabet 3.

"What font should I use for my name on this monogram?"

Any bolded, serifed font like Times New Roman or Georgia will look nice on Alphabet 2, Alphabet 3, Alphabet 4Alphabet 5, and Alphabet 6.  A bolded, non-serifed font like Arial will look best on Alphabet 1.  For a trendy, chunky look to the name, regardless of font, stretch it wide at the bottom, ignoring all the rules of proportion.  It gives a fun and funky look to the monogram!

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