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by MyVinylDesigner 25. January 2010 23:43

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No worries about the questions!  It sounds like you are set up perfectly to add vinyl to your business.  I would suggest that if you haven't bought a cutter already you don't buy a cricut machine.  They are slow and the size you can cut is very limited.  For only a little bit more money you can buy an entry level vinyl cutter that will be light years ahead of the cricut machine.  You can pick up a 24" cutter for about $500.  A cricut runs about $300 plus the Sure Cuts A Lot program that is $75.  If you already have the cricut, it will work fine.  But is you are looking to make the investment, a vinyl cutter would be better use of your money.  Oddly enough, ebay is usually the best place to buy a cutter.  Two companies that sell entry level vinyl cutters are MASTER WAREHOUSE at or US CUTTER at  Be sure to check to see if they have an ebay special.  

You will love adding vinyl to your list of options for monograms.  Vinyl is inexpensive and has a nice profit margin that people are happy to pay.

We order our vinyl from Regional Supply in Salt Lake City, Utah at 800 365-8920.  They are very helpful.  Be sure to specify Oracal 631 for indoor projects and Oracal 751 for vehicles.  Also, ask about their free shipping.  Their quantities aren't very high to get free shipping.


Congratulations on entering the vinyl world!  You will love cutting vinyl and creating projects.  Vinyl cutters are all over the board as far as cost goes.  However,  I found that a cutter from or will work just fine for those starting in vinyl lettering.  They run around $400 though I do recommend spending the extra hundred dollars for the Flexi software upgrade.  Flexi is a very user friendly program that you can upgrade to more advanced features as your business grows and money is coming in.

I think a 30" cutter would be sufficient for you...especially if you are just doing lettering.  I have never had a project that could not be done on a 30" machine.  When I first bought a machine, I bought a 48" cutter...only to find I always cut on 24" vinyl.  I should have saved my money and put it toward the second flexi upgrade.  A 54" cutter is way overkill esp for letters.  You can't even buy matte vinyl that wide. 

Often these two companies have specials on ebay, so check there first.   Good luck with your purchase!

I love your site! I am so happy to have found you - I have purchased many items and will be back for more! I am in the market right now for a large professional vinyl cutting machine (48-54") and am wondering if there is anything you can recommend. Something that will work to cut large decals consisting of mostly letters (so pretty fine detail). Thanks for any help you can offer!

Congratulations on your decision to start a vinyl business.  You are in for a fun way to make some extra money. I am happy to give you some suggestions. If you do not have a cricut, I would certainly not recommend buying one.  You will be MUCH happier putting your money into a vinyl cutter.  You can pick one up on ebay for around $400 for a 24-27" cutter. or both sell entry level vinyl cutters,  and we have lots of customers with machines from either place.  I do think it is worth the extra $100 to do the software upgrade to FlexiStarter.  It is very user friendly and great for those starting in the vinyl business.

There are certainly different types of vinyl.  For indoor use, we like Oracal 631.  It has a matte finish and looks great on walls.  Outdoor applications have lots of other choices.  They come in grades...Check out our blog for lots of details on vinyl and application tips...

Good luck!  You will love working with vinyl! It has a great mark up and is relatively cheap to get started.

Also, contact Regional Supply in SLC, UT at 800 365-8920 to order your vinyl.  They are fantastic to work with.  Just specify what kind of vinyl you want. And be sure to ask them for a color chart.

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Vinyl Cutters

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