Where To Buy Vinyl

by MyVinylDesigner 27. January 2010 04:51

Vinyl can be purchased from a variety of places from craft stores to the wholesale outlets that sign makers order from.  You'll certainly save more money when you purchase directly from the wholesale vinyl supplier.  Personally, we like to purchase our vinyl supplies from REGIONAL SUPPLY in Salt Lake City, Utah, at 1-800-365-8920.  Their prices are very competitive, and their customer service is exceptional.  Be sure to ask about their free shipping minimums.

For the vinyl film, we recommend the Oracal 631 vinyl for interior usage and the Oracal 651 or Oracal 751 Premium Cast Vinyl for exterior usage.  This kind of exterior vinyl is meant for projects that are meant to be outdoors more than six months, such as on car windows, boats, mailboxes, and signs.  The regular Oracal 631 vinyl states there is a three-year outdoor usage, but it will quickly crack and fade in extreme temperatures.  In southeastern Idaho, we've seen the Oracal 631 vinyl change as early as eight months.

For the transfer tape, we recommend using the opaque R-TAPE Conform 4075-RLA Transfer Tape ..... or ..... the Transfer Rite Ultra Transfer Tape (high tack) for all your vinyl projects.  Some other specialty vinyl films include:

For etched-looking vinyl ... use Oracal 8510 etched glass vinyl

For a slight metallic colored etched-looking vinyl ... use #90-fine silver, #91-fine gold, #94-coarse silver, #95-coarse gold

For glow-in-the-dark vinyl ... use

Frosted (etched-looking) vinyl costs quite a bit more than other films, so be sure to price your projects accordingly.

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