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Policies for Publishers within Our Network - as of March 18, 2011

Thank you for expressing an interest in our affiliate program.  We're proud of the knowledge we share, the illustrative product we sell, and the friendly service we offer.  If there are any questions as you review our policies, let us know.  We believe that a successful affiliate partnership is based on a mutual trust and respect.  Your very best experience with us is a priority.



:: Advertising is allowed on Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Ask, Find/What, and other search engines with limited restrictions.*

:: Advertising is allowed Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and other social media outlets with limited restrictions.*

:: Advertising is allowed on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and other online marketplaces with limited restrictions.*


:: Affiliates MAY place advertisements on family-friendly sites, meaning no foul or inappropriate content.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT place advertisements in locations that promote sexually explicit materials, violence and discord, illegal or questionable activities, violation of intellectual property rights, and discrimination based on race, sex, relgion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.


:: Affiliates MAY announce sales, giveaways, and special promotions on blogs, websites, and social media outlets.

:: Affliates MAY use the My Vinyl Designer trademark in the URL to the the right of the domain in the display URL.  Example:

:: Affiliates MAY NOT include "Official Site" or imply representation of My Vinyl Designer in any way.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT use in the display URL at any search engine or various "content network" sections.  Also, alternative spellings of our domain name are not permitted, including but not limited to,,, etc.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT use "My Vinyl Designer" or any variation of our name in pay-per click (PPC) advertising.  Example:  "My Vinyl Designers", "MyVinylDesigner", "myvinyldesigners", etc.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT use "My Vinyl Designer + term" in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  Example:  "myvinyldesigner coupons", "myvinyldesigner coupon codes", etc.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT use any creatives outside of approved images in our platform to represent My Vinyl Designer.  Examples:  no photos copied from our site, no screenshots of our site, etc.

:: Violation of any policy regarding trademark usage is grounds for immediate dismissal from our affiliate program and commissions being reversed up to 30 days. 


:: Affiliates MUST be truthful about advertisements, including information surrounding rebate, coupon, and sales offers.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT use any advertisement that claims My Vinyl Designer endorses an advertisement or site.

:: Affiliates MAY NOT slander a competitor's name or product in an effort to promote our product.  Affiliates found breaching this policy will be immediately removed from the program and have all commissions reversed up to 30 days.

:: Affiliates MAY blog, post, and promote the following information:

- My Vinyl Designer offers the largest online selection of wall word / word art vector designs

- My Vinyl Designer offers the largest online selection of LDS Temple vector art

- My Vinyl Designer has an extensive library of online tutorials for craft cutters and home-based vinyl businesses

- My Vinyl Designer has exceptional customer service

- My Vinyl Designer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

5.  Participation in Unsolicited Communications

Affiliates MAY NOT participate in any unsolicited communication (ie. spamming) of any kind.  Violation of this policy will result in the termination and dismissal from our affiliate program and commissions being reversed up to 30 days.

6.  Exclusions, Penalties, and Notifications

:: My Vinyl Designer reserves the right to terminate an affiliate partnership.

:: Affiliates will receive one warning and be given 48 business hours to comply with any policy violation.  A second violation will result in termination of the affiliate relationship and may be cause for reversal of past commissions earned up to 30 days prior to the second violation.

:: From time to time, My Vinyl Designer may review policy for changes in the way search engines operate or in changes to our philosophy.  Any changes made to policies will be announced through our affiliate newsletter and posted on our website.  Affiliates will be given no less than 7 business days to comply with any new policy terms before a first violation will be cited on the affiliate's account.

7.  Reporting Violations

Violation of our policies may be reported to  Please have all applicable proof in your email, including but not limited to screen shots of the ad, geographical location of the ad, URL/Network tracking information, and search engine where the ad was found.

8.  Publish Cancellation Policy

Affiliates have the right to opt out of the My Vinyl Designer program at any time.  No notification is required. 

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