My Vinyl Supplier was created so that our customers would have a place to send their customers for vinyl information.  We understand how much time it takes to start a vinyl business, and because most of our customers started a vinyl business to help their family make ends meet, we thought this website would be one more way to help make it happen.

For those who are concerned about being advertised among "competitors", may we suggest another way of looking at this.  Customers want choices and they generally choose local businesses to either defray shipping costs or to reduce receiving time.  If they like your service, they'll tell everyone around you.  Seek these local customers.  Offer unique savings to them.  Be such an exceptional resource that local referrals become the mainstay of your business.  You'll love not dealing with the shipping end of things.  The world is a great big place, with plenty of room for everyone.  This website can give your home-based business a professional online presence.  Some customers think that if you're not part of a "bigger" organization, your work is somehow inferior.  This website will show your customers that you're part of a "bigger picture".

Also, your customers will enjoy seeing the styles, colors, and vinyl uses in everyone's finished photos.  A HUGE advantage that's difficult to offer on your own.  So may you find the information and interactive tools on a valuable resource and/or stepping stone to your new home decor vinyl business.

If you have a suggestion for something more we should offer on the MyVinylSupplier site, let us know.

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