New Website Features

Quicker shopping & checkout tools

:: No need to open product listings! Simply check the box beside the image and the design will automatically go into the cart.

:: When you go to checkout, the computer will compress all your designs into a single, zipped folder for quicker downloads.

Easier search & navigation tools

:: From drop-down menus and sorts to a search box, you will be able to find designs by subject, artist, price, date, and most popular.

Easier hassle-free payments

:: Just try it ... you'll see what we mean!

Five downloads with 2-year multiple format selection

:: Each order has five downloads and is accessible for two years after the time of purchase. This feature is meant to help with multiple computers, multiple file formats and replacing lost files as needed. To download a different file format, just go into your order history and select the needed format.

Easier-to-see images

:: Pleasantly colored, web-safe jpgs to market our premade vinyl designs. Perfect for you to copy and use wherever!

GSD formats

:: Yes, GSD formats for all our very patient Craft Robo and Silohuette users!

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