Adding a Vinyl Design to Stock Photos

by MyVinylDesigner 27. October 2010 08:55

I see a lot of pictures that are photographs of a room, with the vinyl design added or superimposed on the picture.  Are there room templates or stock photos available somewhere? 

Absolutely!  Most people buy affordable stock photos from websites like  Just google or dogpile words such as "stock photos" and you should get several options. There are generally several sizes of the photo available, but if you're using the picture for just internet usage, the smallest size will do well.  Once a purchased photo is saved on your computer, just import the photo into your cutter software.  (Cricut users need to use the INKSCAPE software for this -- and other softwares may require you to open not import the jpg.) 

Then import your premade vinyl design into your cutter software, and overlay the text on the photo, working in layers.  Then highlight everything and EXPORT as a jpg.  It's quite easy to do.   

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