Applying Vinyl to Glass

by MyVinylDesigner 11. April 2011 02:09

Using vinyl letters on the glass of your favorite picture frame, a shower door, a glass block, or a beautiful mirror is quite fun. The interior metallic colors like silver, copper, and gold, have a soft satin-look finish that makes glass and mirrors quite elegant. Etched vinyl is another fun finish to glass and mirror projects.

1- Always wipe your glass or mirror down well so that dust particles do not create bumps under your vinyl lettering. Cleaning the glass with a diluted vinegar/water mixture is better than using household products like Windex; the vinyl tends to stick better.

2- Products such as Rapid Tac and Action Tac (available at local sign shops and larger vinyl suppliers) can be sprayed on the glass beforehand. They give you the ability to adjust vinyl on the glass or mirror before it sets, and the ability to press out tiny bubbles, which naturally form between vinyl and glass. The products then dry clear.

It isn't necessary to use these products because they are kinda expensive, but they do save time and heartache if the vinyl isn't placed just right.

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2/26/2012 5:59:50 AM #

Which side of the glass does vinyl go on?

Which side of the glass does vinyl go on?

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