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by MyVinylDesigner 20. May 2009 12:11

I am trying to place these vector images onto other jpeg images of rooms to show examples of what these decals would look like in the home. That way when I build my website, customers can see an image of the copywrited image up close AND one that shows an example of how it will look in an actual room. I was wondering if you have sample room pics or if you have transparent images of these vectors. I am using Serif Draw Plus X2 and it doesn't seem to layer right. It either shows a white background or it pixelizes the room image. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your recent purchase of our CD ... we'd be happy to help! 

1- Here are some steps for overlaying text on a stock photo:  It's quite easy once you get going. 

2- We invite everyone to use the tools, including the rotating photo albums, on My Vinyl Supplier, a website that we created for our customer's customers, with no reference to us.  Here's an explanation of it all:

3- For the sizing of photos using our designs, when no background is used, we ask that our designs be displayed as low resolution, smaller size images.  We ask that photos, having no background, be sized no larger than 170x170px, and that the resolution be no higher than 72.  Otherwise, people can instantly take that photo and vectorize, or recreate, the very image we sell.  We appreciate our customers taking the time to protect our vector artwork from third-party misuse.

4- All of our vectors are transparent layers ... the secret lies in how you use the vectors.  If you import the stock photo into your cutter software, then import your vector design on top, working in layers, you can export all the elements as a finished jpg. 

We hope this helps.  Let us know if there's anything else we can do.  Be sure to follow us on facebook for all the fun contests, giveaways, sales, and how-to's that we share.  :)  Welcome!

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