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by MyVinylDesigner 1. September 2011 08:07

Although it is fun to download and save other people's finished photos across the web for reference ideas, IT IS NOT OKAY TO USE OTHER'S FINISHED PHOTOS in your websites, blogs, stores, and other advertising efforts.  Even if you crop out watermarks.  It is a form of theft.

We address this issue because it is more serious than some might realize.

TO THOSE WHO SHARE PHOTOS:  In an effort to protect our customer's Strut Your Vinyl Stuff photos, we kindly remind everyone that no photo is completely safe in the digital world.  It helps to use a watermark of some kind, but sometimes that isn't an option.  Just know that when you share a photo on facebook, others may download it and use it for personal reasons.  It's an unfortunate reality.  We want to do what we can to help protect your awesome photos from being misused.  Hopefully in time, we will be allowed to disable the download feature.

TO THOSE WANTING TO USE OTHER'S FINISHED PHOTOS:  We understand that it takes a lot of time to create your own finished project photos, and when you see a particularly cute idea, it's doubly tempting to use that photo.  Especially if you have the premade design to create it.  May we suggest asking the designer of photo if you can use her/his photo on your website/store/blog/facebook page, giving credit where credit is due.  Alternatively, may we suggest pooling with a few individuals where you each share one another's photos with customers.  There are several ethical options for creating finished photos.  CLICK HERE ... to learn about using stock photos.

TO THOSE WHO FIND A SITE USING OTHER'S FINISHED PHOTOS WITHOUT PERMISSION:   Even on a worldwide web, avid crafters are a tight-knit community who take care of one another.  It's quite easy to recognize a particular artist's style and creation, whether it in digital art, photography, scrapbooking, vinyl, etc.  Please let us know immediately at when you see other's finished photos being used without permission.  Your name will remain anonymous.


If you happen to find your photo used without permission, we gently remind you to approach the situation with professional kindness.  Sometimes, there is an honest misunderstanding, especially if the photo retains its watermark.  It just becomes an education thing where the person needs to know that finished photos, in general, may not be shared without the owner's permission.  Just a gentle reminder.


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Strut Your Vinyl Stuff on our FB Wall - every Friday

Strut Your Vinyl Stuff on our FB Wall - every Friday

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