Help! My Design is in Several Pieces

by MyVinylDesigner 27. October 2010 08:42

"I just bought an alphabet monogram.  When I try to enlarge the design, it breaks down into several pieces, which makes everything hard to move evenly.  Is there a way to just enlarge it as a whole image and not as several pieces?" 

Sometimes our welded designs open in a cutter software as separated elements.  The design is still welded, meaning that all the overlapping text and elements are joined for smooth cuts, but the elements are ungrouped. 

If this ever happens, highlight everything in the design and group the elements.  (The location of this feature varies between cutter softwares.)  Then you can enlarge the design as one cuttable object. 

If you ever find a design that isn't welded, be sure to let us know.  We try hard to be meticulous in our processes, but sometimes we miss something.

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