How do I know what designs are in a collection?

by MyVinylDesigner 11. April 2011 07:22

How do I know what designs are in a collection and which ones are not? ... There are several ways to determine if .... (click here to learn more)


1- When you open a category and look to the right of each picture, you will see what collection that design is housed in, if any. The number "888" means that it is a loose design.

2- When you type "888" in the subject search box, you will see the designs NOT housed in a collection.

3- When you type the following codes in the subject search box, you will see bigger images of all the designs in each collection: #1... xxx; #2... yyy; #3... zzz; #4... sss; #5... uuu; #6... qqq; #7... ttt; Christmas1... 111; Christmas2... aaa. A quick fingertip reference for finding what designs are grouped together. Click here for all the collection downloads.

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