How small is the smallest I can cut your designs?

by MyVinylDesigner 28. October 2010 02:02

"While I have resized some designs, both large and small, I have also tried cutting them at the size they import.  I had no idea that I needed to make the designs bigger.  Shouldn't there be a disclaimer somewhere on your site?  I thought that your designs could cut at any size.  Out of curiosity, how small can I cut your designs?  I use a Cricut."

There really isn't a good way to put a disclaimer on the designs as for size, because the variety of machines and their precision in cutting is so varied.  What you can't cut on your Cricut is easily cut on a higher end vinyl cutter.  Vinyl, as an artistic medium, has its limitations.  Time and experience will help you know how small you can cut.

In general, there are a couple factors that determine how small you can cut letters:  (1) The font - bolder fonts can be cut at smaller sizers than the delicate script fonts, and  (2) The vinyl cutting machine - Cricuts are not designed to do super small letters, and you would find it tedious to try to do so.  Higher end vinyl cutters (that cost thousands of dollars) only cut down to a quarter of an inch with the boldest of fonts.  So for a Cricut, we recommend not going under a 1/3" on bold fonts and much closer to 1/2" on thicker scripts.  We suggest avoiding delicate and script fonts altogether, unless they can be cut at larger sizes.  Most floor standing vinyl cutter models are 24"-36" in width, and so you can imagine how large our designs can be cut.

"When I purchased these designs, I was not aware that these images would not cut properly at a normal size.   Normal to me is smaller than 12 x 12.   I have tried a few different ones, some are tolerable but others like C064 are not.  I tried to cut it to fit in a 7.5 in by 9.5 in frame and the calligraphy letters are way too thin."

Ah, yes.  You are attempting the impossible with this design.  We wouldn't even consider cutting this particular design smaller than a 12x12 on our high-end machine.  We're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your purchase.  As you work on your projects, you'll quickly figure out which fonts cut well at what sizes.  We want you to be happy with your purchase, so please let us know how we can make things right for you.

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