Strut Your Vinyl Stuff on our FB Wall - every Friday

by MyVinylDesigner 6. May 2011 16:50

Join us each Friday for STRUT YOUR VINYL STUFF on our facebook wall from midnight to midnight your time. Show us your finished photos (using your designs or ours), how-to tutorials, and project ideas. It's really a lot of inspiring fun!

For those who might be new, we ask that these project photos not be copied and shared off our wall. It is the intellectual property of its creator and you must have permission to reshare. CLICK HERE for more info. Be sure to watermark your photos in some way when you post. 

Please kindly refrain from sharing vector resource links and names on our wall. And last, but not least, have a LOT of fun!!! We respond to every post so if you don't see a response from us, it may be due to your privacy settings. Make sure your photo is set for PUBLIC viewing so that others can see and comment on it.

CLICK HERE ..... to view past STRUT YOUR VINYL STUFF photo albums


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