Unzipping a Folder

by MyVinylDesigner 17. September 2010 08:39

You'll be happy to know that you can easily unzip all of our folders without any special unzipping software:

To unzip the main file once it's saved on your hard drive, just right click on START-EXPLORE and find your zipped folder in the left column.  Once you see the zipped folder in your right column, just right click on the folder and select "extract files".  (Zipping a folder merely condenses the size for quicker transmission time.)  A new folder, with all the contents inside, is created.  Then, delete the zipped folder. (If you purchased a collection, you will need to unzip two folders - the main one and the collection one.)

Then open your vinyl cutter software and IMPORT, NOT OPEN, the individual files from this new folder in your software.  Then resize and cut!

CLICK HERE for info related to where the folders go at the time of the download

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