Using the Modern Wall Art Collections

by MyVinylDesigner 8. October 2009 12:37

Our modern wall art layouts are created with a plug-and-play mindset because we know EXACTLY how much work is required on the retail end of a vinyl business.  What did we do?

1- Well, we placed the layouts on the catalog page using the Oracal 631 color swatches, so that your customers could visualize the layout in various color combinations.  You can truly go bold or soft with these layouts, depending on the look you want to achieve.  The new Oracal 631 vinyl designer colors give you some gorgeous options!

2- Secondly, we created the files in parts, in an effort to make the job easier for you.  We call it our "layered art" while others refer to it as  "subway art".  For instance, the ART03-F has three files, one for the red melon, one for the rind, and one for the pre-positioned embellishment and seeds.  Once you've enlarged the files to the size you wish to cut, simply cut the melon in your favorite shade of red, your embellishment and seeds in another color, and the rind in a matching shade of green.  It's meant to simplify the work process for you.

So have a lot of fun ... and share those finished photos!  If we choose your photo for our inspire-me photo gallery, we'll offer you a $20 shopping spree!

CLICK HERE to view our Modern Wall Art designs on the website

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