Welding Vinyl Letters

by MyVinylDesigner 23. May 2010 23:22

What is "welding" in the vinyl world?  Perhaps the most important feature of your vinyl cutter software in home decor vinyl!   Your finished vinyl designs should hang like one great big sticker, all connected in the overlapping sections.

"Welding" is a feature that allows you to take overlapping text and/or elements and combine them into a single, cuttable object.  If the overlapping text (like loopy l's or y's) are not joined or "welded" together, the cutter will disect the crossed lines creating little removable intersections.  Welding is a professional feature that makes vinyl letters easier to hang and to remove.

Not all cutter softwares use the term "welding" for this "combining" or "joining" feature, so make sure you understand how your software welds letters.  It is almost a requirement for doing custom interior design work (unless you prefer to purchase premade, ready-to-cut vinyl designs.)

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