What We Look For in Contest Entries

by MyVinylDesigner 1. January 2011 17:15

We believe in sharing and celebrating great ideas!  We also recognize the amount of work and energy that goes into creating awesome inspire-me photos.  So in our contests, we try to reward our winners with generous shopping sprees on the website.

What do we look for? 

1- originality and creativity

2- projects where colors and elements are pleasantly blended

3- an actual photo of a handcrafted project - not a digital creation

What is acceptable?

1- any medium that beautifully showcases our designs such as vinyl, embroidery, engraving, printing, etc.

2- multiple entries by the same business or individual

3- staging elements

What do we do with the photos?

1- watermark them with the winner's personal or business name

2- share them with others in our inspire-me photo gallery

3- use them in our marketing efforts, as needed

4- request that these photos never be used by anyone other than MY VINYL DESIGNER (and its creator)

We try to make our contests fun and valuable for everyone involved, and appreciate the support of all. Entries can be emailed to vectorart@myvinyldesigner.com.

CLICK HERE to see our winning contest photos

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