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Wedding Gift Vector Graphics for Vinyl

#8 Celebrations Collection (Add-On p7)


My Vinyl Designer

$13.95 $3.77

CELEBRATIONS ... page 7 ... an add-on page of 9 themed layouts ... including all the wedding gift vector graphics, design thumbnails, catalog page jpg, and a mini printable PDF catalog.

Each design downloads without the personalized text shown on catalog page. For example "NAME & NAME" "Est. 2010", etc. (To get the customized look shown on our catalog page, just use the Times New Roman, Arial, and/or Beautiful (script) fonts in your customer orders.)

To view all the individual designs on this add-on page ... click here

To view all the master collections on our website ... click here

It prints nicely in color and looks fabulous embedded in websites, emails, and blogs. Great for displaying in clear top loading sheet protectors at parties, storefront businesses, craft fairs, bazaars, mall stands, etc.

Wedding Gift Vector Graphics for Vinyl

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