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Holiday Vinyl Ready Lettering Vector Art Graphics
Inspire-Me Photo - Christmas Two Collection p6

Christmas Two Collection (Add-On p6)


My Vinyl Designer

$13.95 $4.88

CHRISTMAS ... a festive page of 16 holiday vinyl ready vector art graphics with all the vector files, a catalog page jpg and a mini printable PDF catalog.

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To see the Christmas Two Collection ..... CLICK HERE

To see all Christmas themed designs ..... CLICK HERE

Just add the matching catalog page to your existing master Christmas Two Collection. It prints nicely in color and looks fabulous embedded in websites, emails, and blogs.

(1) How do these layered art patterns work ... click here

(2) To view Oracal 631 vinyl color options ... click here

(3) To view other layered art patterns on our website ... click here

TIPS: When placing these designs on walls or any other surface, try to visualize your finished vinyl project by taping larger strips of scrap vinyl to your clean dry surface. Not all colors and hues blend well.

Holiday Vinyl Ready Lettering Vector Art Graphics

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