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Decorative Circle Vectors for Vinyl Graphics

Decorative Circles


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$3.95 $1.98
Decorative circles and rings of different widths and sizes for creating large over sized vinyl decor on a bedroom wall. Complete with a marketing jpg and printable PDF catalog page.

Decorative Circle Vectors for Vinyl Graphics

Application Tips:

To avoid bubbles, we recommend using an application fluid like THIS.

2- We also recommend that once the vinyl is sandwiched between the backing and transfer tape, that you (or your customer) cut between the rings in the negative spaces. Keeping the transfer tape on each separated ring during the application process will speed things up and ensure that you get perfectly round circles.

For finished project ideas,

(borders & frames - decorative borders - decorative circle - decorative circles - bubbles - circles and rings - rings and circles - decorative rings - abstract)

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