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Death and Sympathy Vector Designs for Vinyl Graphics

Sympathy 1


My Vinyl Designer

$14.95 $6.73

11 meaningful death and sympathy vector design layouts, complete with a marketing jpg and printable PDF catalog page.

These designs download without the personalized text shown on the catalog page (To get this customized look for projects, just use the Times New Roman font and space out the letters.)

Death and Sympathy Vector Designs for Vinyl Graphics

sympathy1 - sympathy_1 - sympathy 1 - in loving memory always and forever - death leaves a heartache no one can heal love leaves a memory no one can steal - death - bereavement - grieving - loss - grief - funeral - condolences - those we love don't go away they walk beside us every day unseen unheard but always near - memories of you fill my mind like thousands of bright stars in the sky - in loving memory until we meet again - oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still - every new life no matter how fragile or brief leaves tiny footprints on our hearts - when you are sorrowful look again at your heart and you shall see that in truth that you are weeping for that which has been your delight kahlil gibran - a moment in our arms a lifetime in our hearts - an angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth Then whispered as he closed his book too beautiful for earth - her journey is over but she lives in my heart - death and sympathy vector designs for vinyl graphics - memorial day

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