Browser Compatibility

by MyVinylDesigner 26. January 2010 20:36

Are you having problems viewing our website?  Are you unable to remove items from your shopping cart?  Does our website looks jumbled up or incomplete somewhere?  When you try to enlarge a picture, does it disappear?  If so, these problems are most likely related to the browser you are using.  Our website should work well in the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.  The only browser to date that is not compatible with our website is MSN Internet Explorer.

So may we suggest the following:

1- For Internet Explorer users, please go to Microsoft ( and download the latest version of Internet Explorer.  It's free and it doesn't take long to download.

2- Alternatively, you can visit Mozilla ( and download the free Firefox browser (our personal favorite).

If you continue to have problems, please let us know. Thanks!

Browser 101: For Newbies

Not sure what a browser is?  A browser is like a set a glasses, or a lighthouse, that has a particular vantage point of the world wide web.  It is perfectly okay to have multiple browsers on your computer.  When you type a web address into a particular browser, you see a website the way the browser sees it.  Sometimes, a browser cannot read all the coding in a website, especially if its a newer site.  Hence, the need to update your browser from time to time with the latest upgrades.

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