COPYRIGHTS ... as of May 21, 2018

First of all, thank you for taking time to understand our copyrights. We care about what we do and appreciate you wanting to help us protect our digital artwork. We enjoy helping you be successful in your business.
Please remember that although you can show our vector designs to your customers to sell for whatever finished price you'd like, you may not sell or offer our digital designs or any part of the design, in any digital format, at any time.
Our vector images may be downloaded, cut and sold in or as a finished product only. The design, as a finished product (vinyl, embroidered, sewn, handcrafted, engraved, etched, printed) may be sold online, through a home-based business, or in a storefront setting. The design may NOT be used for a wholesale or retail stencil or pattern of any kind. Also, pictures of the design may be placed online showing the finished product for sale. You will need to watermark your finished photos, so they cannot be easily copied and misused by others.
If you wish to create your own non-finished-product-jpgs, meaning that you show only the vector design, please use LOW RESOLUTION (72 dpi) pictures and watermark them so they cannot be instantly replicated in one of the many “vectorizing” softwares out there. With all the awesome digital technology there is, people can easily take a photo and instantly “vectorize" the image, or recreate the very digital design we sell. Every photo with our design on it MUST include a copyright symbol, if you do not wish to add your business name or logo to it.
Alternatively, you are welcome to use pictures from our website, pinterest boards, and other social media outlets for your business use. All design jpgs are digitally safe and perfect for displaying designs.

Our high resolution catalogs may NOT be placed on websites as downloadable PDF files or as viewable JPGS, and emailed to third-party customers. All catalogs that are electronically transmitted MUST have a copyright showing on its pages. If a picture of a catalog page is placed online, it must include the word "copyright” on the picture. Our name does not have to show, but the copyright text on the catalog page MUST show at all times.

What may NOT be sold in any format, is the electronic version of our design. For instance, the design may not be sold (in part or in whole) as a digital item online or on a CD or USB, converted to another digital format, or sold or distributed through any electronic media. DO NOT share or trade your digital purchases with others..
Also, our images may NOT be part of a printed document for sale, even if it's just to recover printing costs. Any catalog that shows our designs MUST always be available at no charge. If you wish to create your own catalog that includes our images, pictures must be watermarked with your business name or a marking of some kind, so that the pictures cannot be instantly cropped, scanned, “vectorized,” and replicated.    
No part of our designs may be resold digitally. That means, if you like an embellishment in a design, you are not able to simply ungroup the design, use the embellishment, and call the new design yours for resale. You can break designs apart for your own personal use, but no part of the design may be used to create your digital files for resale.
We do not allow ANY of our designs to be used on Print on Demand sites. This is considered selling the digital file and is not allowed. 
This license does not cover printed sublimation or iron-on transfers and stencils that will be resold to make a finished product. If you are printing a decal that will then be sold to be placed on the actual finished product, you will need to contact us for further licensing options.
Should there be any questions, whatsoever, about the usage of our vector artwork, please ask. Otherwise, ENJOY our designs for the time and energy they are meant to save you and visit us often to see what's new and exciting.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our online copyright notice takes precedence over all dated copyrights that accompany collections and zipped folders.
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