What formats are available for download? ... All of our designs are vinyl-cutter ready, available in ... (click here to learn more)

How do I know which format works best on my vinyl cutter? ... (craft cutter tutorials) We offer ... (click here to learn more)

What does “optimized” mean? ... Our ready-to-cut vinyl designs are "optimized" for vinyl cutting ... (click here to learn more)

What is "welding" and why is it important in my designs? ... Welding is a feature that allows ... (click here to learn more)

How do I unzip a folder? ... To unzip the main file once it's saved on your hard drive, just ... (click here to learn more)

What if I can’t find my downloaded image or I accidentally delete the file? ... We'll gladly help ... (click here to learn more)

May I use these ready-to cut vinyl designs in my business? ... Absolutely, we created this website for busy individuals who ... (click here to learn more)

How do I know what designs are in a collection and which ones are not? ... There are several ways to determine if .... (click here to learn more)

What should I do if my computer freezes and stops the cutter from cutting? ... Sometimes when a computer freezes ... (click here to learn more)

Who has the copyright for the quotes and sayings used? ... We do not claim ownership of the quotes or sayings in ... (click here to learn more)

Is there anything else I need to know? ... Yes -- My Vinyl Designer reserves the right to edit, change, or delete any ... (click here to learn more)

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