What is this website? is a place where our customers' customers can determine what and where to purchase finished vinyl products. The website is rich in customer service features like:


You simply invite a customer to look at all the ideas and how-to's, then have them return to YOU for pricing and ordering. We even started putting little stickers on the back of our finished vinyl orders that read "For vinyl hanging instructions, visit". It's a great resource that has no reference to MyVinylDesigner ... fabulous for those wanting to keep us a secret.

Why did we create this website? was created so that our customers would have a place to send their customers for vinyl information.  We understand how much time it takes to start a vinyl business, and because most of our customers started a vinyl business to help their family make ends meet, we thought this website would be one more way to make it happen.

How will the website help your business?  We frequently get customers who approach us about doing their finished vinyl lettering orders. In the beginning, we took orders and randomly referred others out. However, we would prefer to have you fill these orders so that we can focus on the designing end of things. can offer your business:

  • more sales opportunities
  • more production time
  • reduced catalog printing costs, because customers can view designs online
  • a sort option for customers to search vinyl businesses by location
  • an informative place for customers to see what vinyl lettering is all about
  • several finished photos, to inspire customers with ideas for using vinyl
  • an affordable way to advertise your services
  • thousands of digitally safe photos to market your premade vinyl designs, either as individual pictures or as categorized rotating galleries simply gives your vinyl business more interactive tools to work with. It is a starting place for those who want to sell vinyl. It is a stepping stone for those who already have an online presence. And, it is a place where we can send customers looking to purchase finished vinyl.

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