ALL ABOUT VINYL ... Let's talk briefly about vinyl film. What is it, how is it used, what kind is best for ... (click here to learn more)

WEEDING VINYL ... There are a few little tricks to removing or "weeding" the negative spaces of vinyl ... (click here to learn more)

APPLYING TRANSFER TAPE ... Although some use "transfer tape" options like masking tape and ... (click here to learn more)

PREPARING SURFACES ... Vinyl can be used on many surfaces (or substrates), provided the surface is ... (click here to learn more)

USING VINYL TO ETCH ... Vinyl is an affordable and easy way to create stencils for etching, and ... (click here to learn more)

USING GLASS & MIRRORS ...There are a few little tricks to applying vinyl to glass and mirrors ... (click here to learn more)

REMOVING BUBBLES ... The best way to remove little bubbles that don't press out under vinyl is ... (click here to learn more)

USING VINYL OUTDOORS ... If your vinyl is meant to be outdoors for more than six months ... (click here to learn more)

WALL CREATIVITY ... Vinyl lettering, also known as wall words, wall stickers, and wall art, adds ... (click here to learn more)


REMOVING VINYL ... Straight razor blades work well for removing vinyl off glass, while products like ... (click here to learn more

MAKING VECTOR DESIGNS ... Most vinyl cutter softwares have the ability to "vectorize," which means ... (click here to learn more)

CUTTING VINYL ON A CRICUT ... Cricut machines can cut vinyl designs through a variety of third party softwares ... (click here to learn more)

MAKING STICK FIGURE FAMILIES ... There are a few things to be mindful of when making cute stick figure families ... (click here to learn more)

HELPING WITH GROUP VINYL PROJECTS ... It is a lot of fun to help groups and organizations make vinyl products ... (click here to learn more)

IDEAS FOR MAKING A LITTLE SIDE MONEY ... Vinyl film is so affordable, that making a little side money is ... (click here to learn more)

STARTING/RUNNING A VINYL BUSINESS ... We understand what makes a vinyl business successful ... (click here to learn more)

USING THE CATALOGS ... We have compiled a high-quality, pleasantly designed, printable PDF catalog for each collection ... (click here to learn more)



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