Personally, we prefer the Oracal 631 Exhibition Cal Vinyl (Matte Surface) for interior decor ... 

Customers are welcome to copy and paste this color chart jpg into their blogs and websites, and customize as needed.


If you wish to sell your finished vinyl designs ... 

CLICK HERE for suggested retail pricing


For etched-looking vinyl ... use Oracal 8510 etched glass vinyl

For a slight metallic colored etched-looking vinyl ... #90-fine silver, #91-fine gold, #94-coarse silver, #95-coarse gold


Frosted (etched-looking) vinyl costs quite a bit more than other films, so be sure to price your projects accordingly.

We highly recommend using the Oratape HT55 Transfer Tape (opaque/high tack) ..... or ..... the Transfer Rite Ultra Transfer Tape (high tack) for all your Oracal 631 vinyl projects. 

If your vinyl is meant to be outdoors more than six months, such as on car windows, boats, mailboxes, and signs, we highly recommend using the Oracal 751 Premium Cast Vinyl.  Regular Oracal 631 Vinyl states there is a 3 year outdoor usage, but it will quickly crack and fade in extreme temperatures.  


For tips regarding vinyl application, removal, etc ... CLICK HERE

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